How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

That is the era of modernization, and technology has transformed the working styles of many organizations. Nowadays, laptops are a primary necessity of every organization and are widely used everywhere for work and personal use.

The laptop serves us in many ways. One can use it while on the go or lying in your bed. However, things go out of hand; it is miserable when the laptop battery breaks down all of a sudden, and you don’t have access to your laptop charger.

If you work on an important business assignment or a university task, the situation might worsen. Thankfully, charging your laptop with its charger is not the only option to revive the dead battery in these circumstances.

Usually, most of the laptop battery ends for 3-4 hrs. But still, make sure to charge your laptop battery properly to use it for a long time.

Some Reasons Or Problems For Battery Malfunction That You Right Here:

Before demonstrating how to charge the battery manually, it’s imperative to discuss some of the reasons your battery may malfunction before setting hacks. Almost every battery-operated device comes with a charging cycle. The degraded battery cannot sustain any charge and becomes redundant.

The longevity of your Laptop battery can also affect if you

  • Operate laptop at high temperature
  • Continuously discharge the battery while using the laptop
  • Use the laptop for long durations without charging

If all the above-discussed points are clear, you take proper care of your laptop and still face battery chagrining issues. Then under-listed points might be the reason for your problem.

The following are some common reasons why your battery would not charge.

  • Your laptop’s adopter can be faulty or damaged
  • Your laptop battery has completed its life
  • The charging port on the laptop can be faulty or lose
  • The charging cable can be faulty
  • Drivers waiting for upgrades
  • Dead wall sockets. Most people ignore that reason.

Be careful and assure all the above reasons are not responsible for the dead charger. Pick the problem to reach the right solution.

Best ways To Charge Laptop Battery Manually:

Here we discuss how to charge a laptop battery manually. Only when you are sure that the charger and the port you are using are working fine and your battery is new.

While charging laptop batteries, one more thing to keep in mind is that most laptops only work with their original chargers. When laptop comes with a built-in battery, charging them manually is impossible.

To charge a laptop battery manually is simple; you would not need any confusing strategies.

1. Use Universal Power Adapter for Fast Charging

The universal charger is truly a life-saver and perhaps the easiest method to charge the laptop battery manually and bring your dead battery back to life.

You have to plug them directly, and your laptop battery will be ready to charge. But be careful to employ this technique for safety reasons as laptop manufacturers build laptop batteries that are only compatible with their adaptors.

The universal charger does not mean ‘compatible with every laptop.’ The use of a third-party adapter can inflict severe damage on your laptop and your health and safety. So make sure to check the compatibility and customer reviews of the adapter when buying.

2. Make Use Of USB-C To Charge The Battery Of The Laptop:

This method is a terrific way to charge your laptop. It is the first method people resort to when charging the battery outside of the laptop. Those days are gone when it was impossible to charge a laptop through its USB port.

The first thing is to check if your laptop has C type port, then you can always use a USB-C cable as an alternative to your AC/DC adaptor. Otherwise, you can jump to the following method as you cannot charge old laptops because they generally do not have a USB C port. Older laptops usually come with a type A or type B port, which cannot receive power.

All the new laptops have built-in USB-C ports gaining popularity. These USB-C ports are slightly more advanced and different than the earlier USB versions.

3. Using External Battery Charger

Another viable way is to buy a new third-party charger or external battery charger, which is readily available in the market. Almost every laptop manufacturing company provides external adapters to charge the laptops and posts details about these adapters on their websites whose laptop/ battery you are using.

One crucial point is that the charger you choose is compatible with your laptop. The charging connector of your laptop should match the connectors of the external charger. The simple way is to plug the battery into the charger, and you are all set.

4. Employ Power Bank to Charge Laptop Battery:

Another feasible way is to use power banks for remote working and more extended time. Every laptop has several ports that let the power in or out of the system, but port C is usually used for that purpose.

Always select a power bank with care and specifications, as most of them work only with specific output ports. Just go for the maximum power output; the standard for the power bank is at 100Wh, but if possible, go for more than that.

5. Use Solar Energy:

Yes, it is possible to charge your laptop using solar energy. In this modern era, solar cells are the innovation that is widely used to fulfill electricity needs due to their eco-friendly behavior for a green environment.

These solar charging kits are composed of foldable solar panels and convert cosmic rays into electricity; this electricity is further transmitted to many devices via batteries.

This method has gained immense popularity among laptop owners. You happen to use only a natural resource available in abundance. The solar kit is portable and doesn’t need a nearby power outlet to function.


The uses of all the methods are some equally efficient ways to charge the laptop batteries manually. Suppose none of them work for you to change your laptop’s battery.

One most important piece of advice is that one should be vigilant about maintaining the laptop and its battery. With good care of your device, you can increase its life expectancy.

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