A Complete Guide Of How To Clean A Laptop Touchpad

One of the most dreadful tasks you can do is clean your laptop. The cleaning procedure is not only time-consuming, but it may also be extremely challenging at times. For the most part, people recommend using a soft cloth and a tiny amount of liquid to remove dust and debris, but what about your touchpad?

If you don’t have a good touchpad, your experience will be ruined. The cursor is your primary point of engagement with the laptop, so if it’s sluggish, inaccurate, or jerky, you’ll have a difficult time. A cursor that doesn’t operate correctly might be frustrating, so here are a few fixes.

Required Items for Cleaning Laptop

Cleaning the touchpad on a laptop requires the following items:

  • A cotton or microfiber cloth that is soft
  • Glass or window cleaner
  • Solution of isopropyl alcohol
  • Swabs of cotton
  • A clean, dry cloth
  • Water

Any old dry towel may now be used to clean your touchpad. On the other hand, a damp cloth will accomplish the job more effectively. To clean your laptop touchpad, you may use any technique.

1. Using A Microfiber Cloth To Clean

Typically, a moist towel is sufficient. Although most individuals use a paper towel instead of a cloth, this isn’t always the greatest option. Paper towels have fibers that adhere to the surface of your laptop’s touchpad, allowing dirt and filth to accumulate.

Because tap water and conventional drinking water include chemicals that might damage your device, the water in question should also be distilled. With a microfiber cloth, your touchpad will look and work like it did when it was brand new, absorbing all the dirt that is invisible to the human eye.

Most individuals are amazed at the change in touch sensitivity before and after cleaning their touchpads.

2. Using A 50% Solution Of Isopropyl Alcohol

Most experts suggest using this solution for the most thorough cleaning of your laptop’s touchpad, which removes all grease and oil accumulation from the surface.

Be careful when using alcohol-based solvents since they are a little harsh, so don’t use too much liquid at once. Regular cleaning and disinfection your laptop’s touchpad is necessary, often every few months.

3. Using A Window Or Glass Cleaner

Diluted isopropyl alcohol may be replaced with a window or glass cleaner. Like the 50 percent isopropyl alcohol, the window and glass cleaner should be used with caution because of its harshness and intensity.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning A Laptop Touchpad

Everything else can be put aside, and we can get right down to the business at hand. Step-by-step instructions are provided in this section, and only by following them properly will you be able to clean the surface thoroughly.

Now that you know how to clean a laptop’s touchpad let’s go into the details. Make sure you have all the cleaning items you’ll need for starters.

1. Locate A Desk Or Table To Use

Locate a table or desk where you can easily place your laptop. Ensure the table or stand you’re using is free of dust before placing your laptop on it.

2. Turning Off The Laptop

Your laptop should now be entirely shut down. Clean it by unplugging it from its power source (or, if feasible, remove its battery) so that there is no risk of it malfunctioning throughout the process.

When cleaning a laptop while it is running, you may be exposed to any possible shorts in the system or shocks to your body if you do so while the laptop is still running.

3. Cleaning With A Moist Towel

Add some distilled water to a delicate piece of micro fabric or fiber cloth and squeeze off the excess. Take a clean towel or the ground and blot up any remaining moisture. Then, using a moist cloth, gently push down on the touchpad to remove any remaining dirt.

Move it around until it’s free of any dirt or debris. Clean your laptop touchpad using the second piece of cloth, which must be a dry one now. This will aid the touchpad in drying out.

Even more importantly, the towel should be free of excess water, so it doesn’t enter your laptop’s touchpad or keyboard keys and harm the laptop panel. When it comes to cleaning, using a moist cloth is the only way to go.

4. Use Alcohol

If water fails to remove the obstinate and trapped dirt from your laptop’s touchpad, you may use alcohol on a micro microfiber cloth to clean it. If required, make an isopropyl alcohol solution with water, but only if cleaning dirt with water isn’t a viable option. Use a bowl or cup to hold this solution.

After this, wet a cloth with the solution and then softly massage the touchpad surface with little pressure. The second cloth, which must be dry, should be used to clean the surface and dry it out.

Generally speaking, many laptop manufacturers advise against using cleaning solutions to clean the laptop’s body or components since this might harm its appearance and structure. Like, for example, Apple. To clean your laptop’s mouse pad, touchpad, and other parts, avoid using hazardous bleach, detergent, or soaps.

5. Cleaning With A Cotton Swab

Alternatively, you may wipe your laptop’s touchpad using a cotton swab. Clean the laptop’s touchpad surface with this, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

6. Using A Glass Or Window Cleaner

You may also use a window or glass cleaner to clean the dirt off of your laptop touchpad. Spray it on the touchpad surface and then wipe it clean with a dry towel in this situation.

7. It’s Time To Let The Laptop Dry Out

Your laptop will work perfectly when it has been allowed to dry thoroughly before being used again.

8. Put Everything Back Together

Once you’ve cleaned and dried your laptop touchpad, you’re ready to reattach the battery and go back to work. To have a new laptop with the same touchpad like the one you had when it arrived at your home, you would be delighted.


Cleaning your laptop’s touchpad is a straightforward task. There is nothing more to it than following the instructions outlined above. Keep an eye on the items you’re using, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Last but not least, you must be careful not to damage the touchpad when cleaning it. Be careful, follow the guidelines, and regularly keep up with the cleaning routine.

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