FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

The Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance In 2015. These rules are set to confirm that viewers or readers of web media are attentive if the blogger or publisher is sponsored, authorized, or partnered with a different company. The readers prerequisite to recognize if the content publisher is making money by sharing a link or product.

In obedience with the FTC guiding principle, please take up the following about links and posts on this site:

Any/all the Buyer Direction links are affiliate links for which we receive a small compensation from certain items’ sales.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Buying is finished on external affiliate company websites. When a reader or user clicks on an affiliate link located on Buyer Direction to buy the products, the reader purchases the article from the seller shop directly (not from Buyer Direction).

Amazon and other businesses pay Buyer Direction a small commission or further compensation for taking clients to their website.

Amounts are accurately similar for readers whether they are buying it via an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. Whether users are clicking on an affiliate link and clicking a non-affiliate link, the prices or anything else does not change for the visitor.

 Buyer Direction Practices Two Main Kinds of Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon affiliate links

 Buyer Direction is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program considered to offer a means for website holders to get fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites, as well as to other websites that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. 

  1. Product affiliate links

If you click on the affiliate link to buy a product and buy the product, we will get a specific percentage on selling items or some other reward. Yet again, amounts are not diverse if you use these affiliate links. You will not get any amount by clicking through to the link because these links are not “pay per click.”

What About Sponsored Content?

We do not write sponsored based articles. We just provide authentic, unbiased information through our content. While if a company wants to publish sponsored content on Buyer Direction, we will reveal this evidently at the beginning of the post.

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