How to Cool Your Gaming Laptop While Gaming

Today, gaming has become a great source of income for many youngsters. Therefore, many people play different games and live to stream them on various online platforms. Also, a lot of people genuinely enjoy watching such gaming videos.

However, it would be best to have a high-quality gaming laptop to play high-performance games. These gaming laptops come with heavy drives and graphics that allow gamers to play action-paced games without lagging. However, such high-quality laptops have a high chance of getting heated up, which can be not comforting while gaming.

The overheating of a laptop can be due to several reasons. Usually, gamers have to spend several hours on their laptops that heat them. However, the heating of a gaming laptop can be very dangerous for your health and the components of your gaming laptop.

So, now the main question arises What is the best way to cool a laptop while gaming? However, in this article, you will get info about the best practices for cooling a gaming laptop.

Reasons behind laptop overheating:

Before looking at the points of cooling a gaming laptop, we will go through some of the significant reasons behind overheating gaming laptops.

  • We have already discussed that gaming laptops comprise high-end features to deliver high performance. These high-end specifications are the main reason behind the heating of a laptop. Due to these features, such laptops have to work hard, and as a result, they get overheated.
  • Mostly, gamers have to spend continuous hours playing different games. Games require high performance and end up heating laptops. Playing action and fast-paced games can be more impactful on gaming laptops.

There can be several reasons that can heat your gaming laptop. However, if your gaming laptop continuously remains heated, it can be alarming. That’s why it is essential to look at the points through which you can cool down your gaming laptop.

How to stop the laptop from overheating?

Overheating a gaming laptop can be extremely disturbing for some users. It can affect your live streaming and start lagging your games while playing. So, the best way to overcome this problem is to cool down your gaming laptop. Below are some points that can help you keep your gaming laptop cool.

Choose a proper surface:

Usually, people using a gaming laptop on their bed have overheated gaming laptops. However, using a gaming laptop on a bed, blanket, or on your legs can be an excellent cause for heating the laptop. It is because air doesn’t find a suitable way to travel from the laptop that results in heating of a laptop.

So, always choose a proper surface or a flat surface, like a computer table or desk. Using a laptop on a wooden table is the best option as air can easily pass through it and ensure that the laptop remains cool. Especially if you are using a laptop for games, always place it on a proper surface and never on the bed or your legs.

Regularly clean the fans

All laptops come with built-in fans that help regulate the temperature of laptops. Unfortunately, sometimes, dust particles form in these fans and stop their performance. That’s why cleaning these fans is very important for the excellent working of a gaming laptop.

You can easily open the screws by using a screwdriver. Next, use a clean cloth and remove all the dust from these fans. Please don’t use a wet cloth as it can damage the electric components of the laptop. After cleaning, you will feel that your laptop will stop overheating.

Dust particle layer formation in laptop fans is very normal. The only prevention is cleaning so your laptop works great and doesn’t get overheated. Ensure that you clean your laptop’s fan at least twice a month for better performance.

Moreover, some laptop fans stop working entirely if a heavy amount of dust forms. In that way, the top option is to change or repair the laptop fans. You can visit any nearby laptop shop the repair your gaming laptop fans.

Use a cooling pad

Using a cooling pad is the best way to stop a gaming laptop from overheating. A cooling pad comes with multiple built-in small fans that help regulate a gaming laptop’s temperature. Connect the cooling pad with the laptop through a USB and place it under it.

The fans will continuously move and remove all the hot air under the laptop. It will prevent your laptop from heating to enjoy high-performance games without any hurdles. You can easily purchase a cooling pad from the market, and it is also not too expensive.

Upgrade hardware

If you have old hardware, you can face the issue of laptop overheating. First, install an upgraded version of hardware so that it can easily bear the high-end performance of your gaming laptop. After upgrading to better hardware, you will notice that your laptop will not get heated even if you play fast-paced games.

Avoid running too many programs

Running too many programs while playing games can be an excellent reason for laptops overheating. So first, go into the program setting of your laptop and see what programs are running behind. Then, turn off all the unnecessary and heavy programs to stop the laptop from heating.

Change the game’s graphic settings

Most games have heavy graphic settings that consume a lot of power while playing. Such high consumption graphic settings can be an excellent reason for heating a gaming laptop. Especially if you spend hours gaming, changing the graphic setting will be the best option to cool down your gaming laptop.

How to cool down the laptop without a cooling pad?

Many people don’t prefer a cooling pad for their gaming laptops. They find them distracting, especially while streaming games on online platforms. So, you can use other methods like upgrading the hardware, using a flat surface, etc., to regulate the temperature of your gaming laptop.


Gaming laptops have always been a great demand in the market. These laptops ate a better option for gamers because they have more specifications than ordinary laptops. But, many people face the issue of overheating with their gaming laptops.

However, using a cooling pad can be very helpful in maintaining the temperature of a gaming laptop. Moreover, ensure that you use a wooden surface to place your gaming laptop. We hope our article helped you in maintaining your gaming laptop’s temperature.

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