How to Fix AirPods keep Cutting Out

Airpods frequent disconnection is a common thing, there are multiple reasons behind it, but whatever the problem is, we got you covered; we will explain some methods and techniques to overcome this problem!

Although, AirPods are one of the most selling pods in the market now and are reliable. They sometimes keep cutting out. Whether it’s AirPods, AirPods 2nd generation, or AirPods pro, all of them face this issue at one point or another.

Here are some quick, easy solutions to prevent your Airpods from keep cutting out.

Reasons Behind Airpods Keep Cutting Out:

Airpods are wireless earbuds; they connect with your iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. They are initially designed to connect with devices in all Apple ecosystems. Still, as they use Bluetooth for connectivity, you can connect them with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth technology uses radio waves to establish a connection. All the Bluetooth-enabled devices can connect following Bluetooth standard protocols. As Bluetooth is a short-range technology, Bluetooth devices work well when connected within the prescribed range.

When the range exceeds the prescribed parameters, these devices may find difficulties establishing and maintaining a connection. The same case goes with switching off the device; on turning ON, they have to start the connection procedure from the beginning. It may also cause them to halt or give errors while establishing a connection.

Here are some common scenarios which cause Airpods to keep Cutting Out:

  • The most common reason for Airpod’s disconnection is a battery drain out. Suppose battery power is completely cut off or extremely low, then the Bluetooth connection breaks between the devices. It’s either the Airpods battery or a phone/pad battery; the connection will lose in both cases.
  • Sometimes, due to differences in Bluetooth technology protocols/versions or permissions/limitations allowed to make changes while establishing a connection, Bluetooth connection fails.
  • Similarly, the devices or gadgets using older Bluetooth protocols versions/technology do not support each other to make a connection or establish a weaker connection with constant signal noise.

How to Fix Airpods Keep Cutting Out:

The following are the incredible ways to fix the Air pods that keep cutting out:

  • Keep the Phone and Air pods within a range:

Due to range limitations in using a Bluetooth enable wireless buds, it’s better to keep your phone and air pods within the range of one another. If you increase the distance between them, it is evident that it will lose your connection. A distance of 30 feet is advisable to keep your devices well connected without any hindrance.

  • Correct Audio Settings:

Make sure to check your audio settings, select AirPods as your audio device; if they are not selected, then follow these steps:

  1. Check them by playing music on your iPhone, click on the Airplay icon, then select Airpods from the options; it will allow the iPhone to play music on our Airpods.
  2. When calling someone, choose the Airpod option available on your phone screen. It will then enable your Airpod to perform its functions as an audio device.
  3. You can also easily switch between your phone and AirPods by choosing an audio source by clicking on the speaker icon.
  • Examine Bluetooth:

Examine your Airpod Bluetooth connectivity; make sure it works fine by going through these simple steps.

  1. Go into Bluetooth settings on iPhone or iPad by clicking on the control center icon on your devices. Check if your Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. For more confirmation button should turn green.

Besides your button turning green, there is a chance that your Bluetooth is not entirely turned off:

  1. Go to Bluetooth settings, turn it off, wait for 10 to 15 seconds, and turn it on.
  2. After turning on the Bluetooth, you can see that air pods are connected but not selected as your audio source. Make them your audio source. This process will re-establish the connection between your phone and air pods.
  • Deactivate Auto Ear Detection:

Automatic air detection is a feature, which senses your ear when you wear your AirPods and turn them on. But sometimes, due to your sudden body movements, the auto-detection function turns them off. To avoid this, go to AirPods settings and turn auto ear detection off. It will allow your AirPods to maintain their connection and turn on no matter how your body moves during any activity.

  • Keep your Airpods Clean:

Sometimes the problem is not in the connection or settings, dirt and ear wax gathered around your AirPods speaker grill and stuck there. It reduces the volume pretty low, and a person cannot hear properly. To avoid this kind of problem, keep your AirPods clean.

  • Deactivate Auto Switching Feature:

When switching between different Apple devices, there is a chance that you may have a connection problem due to the iOS versions and other technical issues. It’s better to turn this feature off for better connectivity. Otherwise, you have to do it manually when connecting to a new device by going into the Bluetooth settings.

  • Use Same Single Airbus:

 People experience and claim that cutting out problems occurs less when you use and stick to a single earbud and put the other in the case. There is an option in the AirPods settings that allow you to choose single AirPods for listening and talking purpose. You can select this option by:

  1. Go to settings > Bluetooth, click on the AirPods case open, pick the AirPods.
  2. Tap on “I” and select the settings for the microphone.
  3. Choose your desired bud to use as a microphone; by default, both are enabled to use a microphone.
  • Reset Airpods:

Due to their frequent use, many technical issues may arise, and the cutting out problem still exists, then it’s time to reset your AirPods. Please put them in the case, press and hold the status button and wait until the small led changes its color. When it does, your AirPods are reset.

  • Reset Network Settings:

 Reset network settings will remove old and corrupt network settings that stop the phone from communicating with AirPods and prevent working correctly.

  1. Go to settings, choose network settings, and select the reset button to initiate this process.
  2. After resetting, connect your AirPods again to check if they are working fine.


We try to address and explain all the problems that cause the AirPods to keep cutting out, from iOS versions to Bluetooth interferences. We also provide best-searched and straightforward solutions, from resetting to cleaning and deactivating auto settings/switching—paring and repairing methods and how to do it guide. I hope your Airpod keeps on the cutting problem is solved after this.

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