How to know if the Laptop Battery is dead or not?

Laptops are now powerful and efficient more than ever; due to their processing power and portability, they are easy to carry and can perform any complex task given to them. Many are expensive due to their high specifications, but some are value-to-money deals.

The main reason which plays a vital role in their portability is the battery. The battery’s life deteriorates with time, resulting in short battery backups, unexpected shutdowns, and in severe cases, the battery is worn out completely.

Now, how can one know if the laptop battery is dead or not? The answer to this question is simple; if you are using windows, a message will display on your battery sign saying “plugged in, not charged” similarly, if you are using Macs, it will show “service battery.

Let’s dive deep into this matter and find out when and How to know if the laptop battery is dead or not?

How and when one should Replace Laptop Battery:

Some sure signs and warnings will give you an idea that it’s time to replace your battery. The most common of them is when you use a laptop, and it shut down suddenly. Your battery will be dead soon. It provides a little or sometimes no backup at all in this state.

It is better to calibrate your battery to know your battery’s actual state and condition; it will let you know when to change the battery

Is your laptop battery going to die?

The better approach to keep your battery alive and take preventive measures is to check your battery health from time to time. Do a random checkup. Sometimes the battery is not dead but malfunctions due to some software glitches. To analyze that, check your battery sign when your laptop is plugged in; if the charging animation stops halfway, then there is a possibility that it’s a software problem.

In this case, calibrate your battery; this allows the battery to reset and self-diagnose itself. Battery calibration is done by a software tool provided by the manufacturer and is present on your laptop. It would help if you run it, and it’s a standard procedure and does not affect your laptop performance.  It takes a while to complete the procedure, so don’t worry if it takes some time.

How one knows if the laptop battery is dead:

Most of the time, laptops are plugged in and running on Ac power unless there is a need to move them; in plugged in the state, it’s difficult to tell because your laptop remains ON whether your battery is dead or not. As soon as you unplug it on Ac power, it will shut down immediately if your battery is dead or about to die.

There are no remedies to make it alive; the only option left is to replace it; some laptop companies offer extended warranties, use them and get your battery replaced. Otherwise, you have to buy them online on companies’ websites or different e-commerce stores.

Sign and Symptoms of Battery Damage:

Let’s discuss all the possible signs and symptoms of battery damage step by step.

  • Windows Warning:

Some laptop manufacturers include a built-in function that will warn you if some hardware changes or needs changes. Some show a red cross on your battery icon, which depicts that it’s time to replace your battery.

In windows version 7 or above, a window will give you a message “think of substituting your battery,” if this message pops up, then it’s clear that your battery is going to die.

  • The battery will not charge on Ac Power:

The battery will not charge and show no sign of life even after Ac power is plugged in for a long time. Even after being plugged in all night or day, it remains unchanged. It’s a clear sign that your battery is dead.

  • Laptop Overheats quickly:

Suppose your laptop starts overheating quickly, even on performing simple tasks. In that case, it’s a symptom that your battery is using more power to operate, and your hardware components are under stress which causes them to overheat quickly. This abnormal battery behavior led to battery damage in the long run.

  • Immediate Shut Down:

In case if your laptop shuts down suddenly without giving any warning or notification, then it’s a clear sign that your battery is going to die pretty soon. To avoid this situation and the frustration it causes, replace your battery.

  • Bad Laptop charger:

Sometimes the issue is not in the battery. First, it’s the charger that causes it. Make sure to check the charger also whether it’s charging. If you realize that your battery is having trouble, then there is the possibility that your charger needs attention too. Sometimes a malfunction in the charger makes the battery die faster than expected.

How to check your Battery Health in Windows 10:

Window 10 allows you to generate a detailed battery report in the form of an HTML file showing battery use data, capacity history, and life estimation. Let’s discuss how these reports are generated.

  • Power Shell Battery report:

A complete power shell battery report is generated by giving simple commands in the command prompt. Go to the start menu or type the command prompt in the search box present on the taskbar. A new command prompt window will open. Make sure to use your admin account while opening it.

Type a command: powercfg/battery report in command prompt; It will generate an HTML link to your complete battery report. The link looks like this, “C:\battery-report.HTML”. Just copy it and paste it on your file explorer and hit enter. It will then show the complete battery report to you.

  • Details In Battery Report:

The details in the battery report show the following:

  1. It shows every time the battery is plugged in on Ac source in the last three days. It is found under the battery usage section.
  2. It also shows how the battery’s capacity evolved under the capacity history portion. The right side indicates the design capability or the battery’s support on the left side. It shows the current total charging capacity. Other details include the battery life estimations; it gives you how long the battery will last in current situations.

In case your battery is dead, what’s the next step?

After running battery diagnostics and your battery does not respond to it, your battery may be dead. For more confirmation unplugged your laptop and try to run it on battery power; if it’s shut down immediately, then it’s time to replace your battery and order a new one.

Make sure to check the model and make your battery before placing an order. Check online and search your laptop model and battery that Is compatible with it, then order it. It would save your time and hassle if you ordered the wrong one.


Laptops are an essential part of our daily lives now. These are widely used by professionals, students, and even gamers now, but the most crucial part of this machine is its battery. Its portability and reliability depend on how long and efficient its battery is; therefore, one should take off the battery, run battery checkups after some time. If the battery needs replacement, replace it. Otherwise, it is ready for the sudden shutdown and avoids the frustration of unsaved and lost work.

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