Lenovo Flex Vs. Yoga Laptop Series Comparison

Lenovo is the most reputed and most prominent PC vendor in the world. Lenovo’s gained a reputation for being providing the best in entertainment and productivity in recent years. Lenovo aims to offer a wide range from concerned productivity users to more high-end look and premium feel-oriented consumers.

The Lenovo Flex series is reputed and admired as budget-friendly by providing superior features on a low budget. The other one is the Lenovo Yoga series serving the best in the industry. Both these two series perform exceptionally well in the Lenovo product line.

Quick Look: Lenovo Flex vs. Lenovo Yoga

Before in-depth comparison, check out the side by side comparison of the Flex vs. Yoga series:


Lenovo Flex

Lenovo Yoga

Operating system


Windows 10Windows 10
ProcesserAMD 5 4500U
AMD 7 4700U
Intel Core i5 to I7, ( 8thGen) to 6th Generation
Display ScreenYou can get either 14″ or 15.6″ Glossy (250 nits)
1920×1080 (FHD)
14″ or 15.6″ Glossy (500 nits)
1920×1080 (FHD)
Dolby Vision
Dimension12.65 x 8.56 x 0.72 – 0.82 inches12.67 x 8.45 x 0.59 – 0.67 inches
Weight3.3 pounds (1.5kg)3.09 pounds (1.4kg)


Storage SSD64 GB To 512 GB256 GB To 1TB
Graphics Processor (UHD) and RAM Speed (Mhz)Intel 620 UHD only & 1600 To 2400 MHzIntel 620 UHD To Intel 520 UHD & 1600 To 2400 MHz
AudioDolby (Standard)Dolby Atmos with 3d sound
PortsUSB-C 3.1
Two USB-A 3.1
HDMI 1.4b
SD card reader
3.5mm audio
Two USB-C 3.1
USB-A 3.1
3.5mm audio
WirelessRealtek 802.11ac (2×2)
Bluetooth 5.0
Intel Wireless AC 9560
802.11ac (2×2)
Bluetooth 5.0


The performance of a laptop always depends on the CPU, RAM, hard drive, and GPU (if you focus on the gaming experience). The Flex and Yoga laptops come in different variations; hence it is better to compare the base models.

The base model of Lenovo Flex has an Intel 8th Gen Corei5 Processor. On the other hand, the base model of Lenovo Yoga has an Intel 8th Gen Corei7 Processor. No comparison between i7 and i5 as the i7 beats i5 every single time.

As the RAM is also substantial, the performance concern makes sure the laptop has super-fast responses with no lag or slowdown. Here the Lenovo Flex is retaking the cake. One can efficiently run QuickBooks and open 5-10 browser tabs opened without the laptop hanging compared to Yoga.

Be careful while running more demanding programs because the Cooling system is not the best on Lenovo Yoga. It can cause Thermal Throttling.


The display is much wanting, especially if you plan to use it outdoors. Lenovo flex has 250nits compared to the 300+nits of the Yoga, which means the glare will hinder even at full brightness.

The Yoga laptop produces better colors. It has 100% RGB and 78% Adobe RGB color reproduction. While the Flex has 62%, RGB and 46% Adobe RGB and contrast are very similar to both laptops.

In terms of colors, Yoga is the clear winner. Both have a display size of 14″, and the resolution for both displays is 1920×1080.

Portability and Design

Durability is likely to be a priority. The Lenovo Yoga delivers excellent durability and can handle a few bumps and falls due to its aluminum chassis.

While Lenovo Flex has a plastic chassis that keeps the cost down belongs to the low-budget category. Be careful while handling it against a hard object as the body can easily crack or dent.

As long as the size and weight concern the Lenovo Yoga is on the upper side. You can easily carry it around in a handbag; a backpack also can hold it in your hand.

The dimensions of the Yoga are as follow 12.67 x 8.45 x 0.59 – 0.67 inches. It is sleeker than the Lenovo Flex with 12.65 x 8.56 x 0.72 – 0.82 inches.

Keyboard And Touchpad

The keyboard of Lenovo Flex is very comfortable to use also has good tactile feedback, which is good for typing. The touchpad is superbly responsive and has a big area giving more room to operate.

Lenovo Yoga has much shorter Key travel, and some keys have shallow tactile feedback, making the keyboard uncomfortable for typing. The touchpad of Yoga is also very responsive and performed without any fault. The area is big enough to use.

Both have almost full-sized keyboards, and the keys are of decent size and well-spaced. The touchpad is very impressive on both laptops.

Cooling System

Cooling of the system which you are operating is most important for its better performance and durability.

Lenovo Flex has one best working cooling Fan that has a single Heat Pipe. The air vents for removing hot air are located on the back of the laptop. Lenovo Yoga has two Cooling Fans, but only one Heat pipe is present for both the CPU and GPU.

Lenovo Flex heats up much faster than Yoga during resource-intensive tasks. This lake of Lenovo Flex makes it unfit for gaming. Lenovo Yoga also heats up a lot, but a better cooling system helps it performing well.

The cooling fans of Yoga noise more than a single fan in Flex, but it is not much significant fault. Noise doesn’t affect the cooling system and performance. Lenovo Yoga has a much better cooling system than Flex.

Flex vs. Yoga Storage SSD Comparison

The storage SSD (mass storage) is like the stomach in the laptop. So, the storage SSD is powerful hardware to the Lenovo Yoga, Flex, and any other laptop out there in the market. It lets you download and run highly demanding video games and other applications with ease.

Most of the Lenovo Flex laptops available have memory space ranging from 64GB to 512GB. Another unique feature of Lenovo Flex is that you can have it upgraded if you want.

Lenovo Yoga laptop’s storage SSD spaces range from 215GB to 1TB. Which is massive as compared to the Lenovo Flex’s 64GB to 512GB? All the Applications stored run with monster speed.

Lenovo Yoga and Lenovo Flex Processor Comparison

A laptop’s processor should be a concern for one interested in multi-tasking, editing massive videos, and playing highly demanding games.

Lenovo Yoga has Intel Core i5 and Core i7, which happens to be 6th and 8th generations. While the Lenovo Flex has Intel Core i5 and Core i7 and boasts the 8th and 10th generations.

Performance-wise, Lenovo Yoga is a monster when primary workloads are thrown at it. But the Lenovo Flex is the winner in this comparison.


Here hop, you go through the full features of both series. Both have their pros and cons. Lenovo Flex has the option of upgradeable RAM with one extra slot.

Flex also gives you the feature of an upgradable Hard Drive where you can upgrade your SSD, or you can even add an HDD. Lenovo Yoga doesn’t have the option to upgrade RAM, while It has an upgradeable SSD Drive.

Looking at the budget and productivity, the Lenovo Flex appears to be a good pick. The Lenovo Yoga is quite expensive and doesn’t wear a good look.

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