LG 27gl850 vs. LG 27gl83a Full Comparison for Office & Gaming

In today’s world, where gaming has become more popular and advanced, the demand for better technology has increased tremendously. Gamers want top-quality graphics, but how could that be possible with a monitor with poor colors and a slow frame rate?

So, to enjoy an incredible gaming experience, one should get a monitor with a high frame rate and good response time. But, investing in new gaming or office laptops is not easy, especially when you have a tight budget. Besides, since the technology is complex, selecting the best monitor has become more difficult with each passing day!

So, how to get the best monitor for gaming and office use at an affordable price without compromising the quality?

Here, we are going to describe two excellent monitors, i.e., LG 27gl850 and LG 27gl83a.  Moreover, we will compare these two monitors and look deeper into their specifications for a better selection.

 So, complete your reading and get the best product for yourself without compromising on the quality!

LG 27gl850 Specifications

LG 27gl850 is an excellent monitor with 1440p resolution, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and a 27″ screen size. The picture quality and motion results are very crisp and clear as compared to other 144 Hz monitors. The monitor offers very low input lag and works perfectly for gaming as well as office purposes.

With its high colors concentration and clear display, it is one of the most used monitors in current times. The monitor supports Free-Sync technology and is also certified by NVidia as G-Sync Compatible. However, the contrast ratio is not up to the mark, and it doesn’t look good in dark rooms.

LG 27gl83a specifications

LG 27gl83a is also a good monitor with a 27″ screen, 1440 p resolution. The refresh rate is 144 Hz and offers outstanding low input lag. Therefore, the monitor provides a great gaming experience to the players.

With wide viewing angles and good reflection and peak brightness, glare is not an issue. The monitor supports Free Sync refresh rate technology (VRR), and it is a certified NVidia G-Sync compatible processor that delivers superior picture quality with minor tearing and ghosting. On the lower side, the brightness is not enough for an authentic HDR experience.

Comparison Of LG 27gl850 and LG 27gl83a

Well, undoubtedly, LG 27gl83a and LG 27gl850 are equally good. Both monitors have high refresh rates and G-Sync technology with similar overall performances. The differences can be seen with panel variance.

The significant difference is in the number of USB ports. As LG 27gl850 has two USB ports, while LG 27gl83a has no USB input port. Moreover, there are so many other differences which are discussed in detail:

  • Office Work

Here is the comparison of both monitors, which are under discussion. It would let you get an idea of whether they are going to be a better option for you or not:

  1. LG 27gl850

    LG 27gl850 is an acceptable computer for office use. Due to its wide viewing angle and peak brightness, it can get the job done efficiently. It has reasonable tilt adjustment, but it cannot rotate due to its stand, which can be problematic for some people. However, it has brilliant grey uniformity, which is highly required for browsing and handling documents.

  2. LG 27gl83a

    LG 27gl83a is also a good monitor for office use. Its 27″ screen with 1440p resolution is ideal for multitasking. It also has excellent grey uniformity for office work. With better viewing angles, you don’t have to worry about the edges fading away when sitting too close to the screen. But remember that it isn’t easy to place this monitor comfortably due to its limited ergonomics.

  • Gaming Experience

Both monitors are suitable for gaming purposes, but there is a slight difference in picture quality and glowing in the dark, also known as IPS glow. We will discuss briefly how both monitors work for gaming purposes.

  1. LG 27gl850:

    This monitor is popular among players with high peak brightness, extremely low input lag, and a high refresh rate. And, above all, the level of tearing is the least. It supports a Free G-Sync processor and is also certified by NVidia G-Sync Compatible. With a flicker-free backlight and smooth display, it is highly recommended for gaming use.

  2. LG 27gl83a:

    LG 27gl83a has an input lag lower than 4.3 milliseconds count with an incredible response time. It has a versatile refresh rate that works well with the most graphics card. Gamers find this monitor easy to use. But you cannot use it in a dark room due to light flickering from the edges. Also, it is not comfortable enough to place it due to lack of rotation. So, keep in mind while making the purchase!

  • HDR

LG 27gl850 is a good monitor for HDR gaming, having a fantastic response time. The fast-moving objects appear extremely clear with no blur effect. LG 27gl83a, on the other hand, is okay for HDR gaming. The low contrast ratio does not allow deep black colors to pop where HDR is watched chiefly.

  • Price

Although they both have almost similar features and are an excellent choice for office and gaming use, their prices are not identical. LG 27gl83a comes with a price tag of $379, while LG 27gl850 is for $499. By comparing their specifications, it is better to invest where your budget lies with fulfilling all of your requirements.

For a better understanding of these two, you can check out these videos:

Which one is better for you?

Since both are perfect gaming monitors, and there are some minor differences. But if you want to spend wisely and not be bothered by light flickering, then LG 27gl83a is a good option for you. The only problem is that it comes without USB ports.

However, LG 27gl850 comes with two USB ports and has more peak brightness. Both monitors are well-liked by users because of their VRR technology. So, the most important is to consider your requirements first and then make the decision!


Looking at the above discussion, you can easily decide which monitor to buy. Both have similar qualities, refresh rates and resolution. But have a low contrast ratio. LG 27gl83a is a better option because of its smooth display and high resolution; it will offer less ghosting.

Although these features are also available in LG 27gl850, the price difference is not worthy enough. LG 27gl850 has the advantage of its USB ports only which are not available in LG 27gl83a. So, take a while to analyze your requirements and make the best decision!

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