Mechanical VS Membrane: The Best Keyboards for Gamers

Each part of the computer has its importance while using. For example, as a gamer, having a good quality keyboard is very important. Most people think that choosing a keyboard is not a big task. But keyboards also have many types depending upon the features, budget, and quality.

Talking about a keyboard, we often listen to two names; a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard. Luckily, these two keyboards have a lot of different features, but choosing one of them sometimes feels quite tricky.

However, in this article, we will explain the features of these two keyboards. We will also help you choose one better for you, especially if you are a gamer.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are very famous, especially among gamers. However, they are a little expensive than membrane keyboards but are still worth the money. Mechanical keyboards have simple switches to send commands, and each key has its switch.

However, these switches vary in different models. There are usually three types of switches

  • Linear: linear switches are the smoothest and make an almost negligible sound while pressing.
  • Tactile: tactile switches bump at the middle of the keystroke, making some noise while pressing.
  • Clicky: lastly, clicky switches make a clicky sound when you press them and are much louder than the above two types.

Besides switches, mechanical keyboards also have a base, spring, and stem. One more thing that makes a mechanical keyboard unique is that the keycaps can be easily removed and move around.

The color of switches also varies; the most common switches are blue, red, brown, black, etc. Also, one of the best things about a mechanical keyboard is that you can find the best option according to your need and budget.


  • Mechanical keyboards are highly customizable as the keycaps are removable, and you can style the keyboard according to the look of your monitor.
  • Typing is effortless and fast on a mechanical keyboard as they have higher tactility, and the keys don’t need to be press too hard. You can give the instructions by just pressing the keys halfway.
  • You can quickly and thoroughly clean the keys of a mechanical keyboard as they are removable.
  • Mechanical keyboards have a long lifespan and can last 30 to 70 million key presses.


  • The keys of a mechanical keyboard make a lot of noise. Therefore, it cannot be comforting for some people, especially if they use it at night.
  • Mechanical keyboards are a little expensive than other usual keyboards. It is due to their high quality and fast typing speed.
  • Mechanical keyboards are not suitable for traveling. They are heavy, and it isn’t easy to carry them everywhere.

Membrane Keyboards

The membrane keyboard is one of the most common and is mostly used in offices or schools. It is less expensive than a mechanical keyboard. However, this keyboard is not so suitable for gamers due to its lack of features.

It is made of a rubber membrane and has three layers. Under the first layer, called the membrane layer, there is a conductive trace of holes when the key presses through the hole and touches the pressure pad to make a command.

A membrane keyboard has two types of designs

  • Flat Key Design: This design is mostly on microwave ovens. They also consist of pressure pads but don’t have any physical feedback, making it hard to use as a computer keyboard.
  • Dome Switch Keyboard: This membrane keyboard uses a dome with printed or laser stretched letters that make it easy to use. It mostly comes with a regular laptop.


  • One of the key benefits of a membrane keyboard is that they don’t make noise while using. The keys have a membrane layer which makes them quiet. Therefore, it is better to use it during conference calls or at night time.
  • A membrane keyboard is easy to access as it has more variants in the market. In this way, it becomes easier to choose the right keyboard.
  • Membrane keyboards are much affordable than mechanical keyboards. Therefore, you can very easily purchase this keyboard as you don’t require a lot of money to buy this keyboard.
  • The membrane keyboard is convenient and light in weight. You can easily carry this keyboard with you anywhere you want.


  • As a membrane keyboard doesn’t have much space in between its keys, that’s why it becomes difficult to clean the dirt.
  • These keyboards have a short lifespan since they are not as strong as mechanical keyboards.
  • If any part of this keyboard stops working, then you have to buy a new keyboard.

Which one is better: Mechanical or Membrane?

Both keyboards have some benefits and disadvantages depending on what you want; If you have a low budget and want a keyboard for regular use, then the membrane keyboard is best for you.

However, a mechanical keyboard should be your first choice for a professional gamer who spends hours on a computer. A mechanical keyboard is designed for gaming and supports many features to provide you a better gaming experience.

Although a mechanical keyboard is more expensive than a membrane keyboard, it has many features and is designed for long-term use. You can also customize the keys of the keyboard according to your preference.

To better understand the difference between a mechanical and membrane keyboard, below is the link to a YouTube video. You can watch the video to choose the right keyboard according to your needs.


Both mechanical and membrane keyboards have their benefits and drawbacks. A mechanical keyboard has more features and is convenient to use at the office or home. However, a membrane keyboard is less noisy and be used at any working place.

Choosing one of them depends on your preference. For example, if you need a keyboard for daily use and have a low budget, you prefer the membrane keyboard. However, if you are a gaming person and need a stylish-looking keyboard, consider a mechanical keyboard.

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