How to Turn on Microphone on hp Laptop

After mobile phones, laptops are considered as everyone’s go-to devices. In this world of connectivity and productivity, laptops provide portability with some extreme performance needed to do a job. Today laptops are loaded with features, both for entertainment and professional work; one can do everything on a laptop.

Higher performance, longer battery life, high-resolution screen, powerful processors, and portability are distinct features that made them famous and first preference. Currently, the need for online learning and remote work is necessary more than ever. Whether it’s an online class or a meeting, everyone is more comfortable attending it on laptops.

Laptops, mic, and speakers should be working fine for efficient communication during meetings and online classes. Mics can be external or internal. Usually, people use internal mics that are built-in laptops. Mics transfer your voice from one end to another, and if there is any problem with your laptop mic, you can’t send your voice can’t be heard by another person correctly.

Out of many laptop manufacturers, hp is considered one of the biggest trustworthy brands. Hp has multiple laptops, from entertainment to work focused; each performs well. The present article elaborates on turning on your Microphone in the HP laptop. We also discuss problems and possible solutions if your mic is not working correctly!

How To Turn On Microphone?

You can quickly turn on the microphone follow the given steps:

1. Go to the sound icon located on the taskbar near the clock
2. Right-click on the sound icon once your mouse cursor reaches there.

After clicking, a new pop-up window will appear; now select the sound option.

1. A new pop window will appear; from there, look for the recording tab
2. Once you click it, you will see the microphone option.
3. Select the option and turn on your mic

If you are using other input devices, such as an external mic, you can also configure that as a separate external mic option is also present.

Microphone location:

Microphones are present on the base near the laptop’s USB ports or the upper edge of the screen near the camera. An internal mic is embedded in both locations; a small hole is visible in these two locations, by which you can make a specific microphone location.

Microphone selection:

As mentioned earlier, you can use your hp laptop’s built-in internal mic or use an external mic. An external mic option is also available in the sound recording section. You can select the external mic or source from there and configure it.

But if your Microphone is not working correctly, you should check whether you plugged in your headphones or headset correctly. If it’s appropriately plugged and still your Microphone isn’t working, then there is a chance that you need to configure or update your driver.

Possible Reasons for Microphone not working:

There are multiple reasons behind your Microphone not working correctly. There can be a hardware issue configuration or driver update problem.

Settings and Configuration:

They are probably the cause of your Microphone not working correctly. You may select the wrong device from the device manager, or the device is disabled for some reason. But if the chosen input device is correct, the driver may need an update. You can select the device and update its driver.

Operating system or Software issue:

There is a possibility of some glitch in the operating system; a software issue may arise that affects the settings or some program or virus that needs to be fixed and affects the device’s overall performance.

Hardware Issue:

Although it’s the least possible thing to happen, there can be a hardware issue, and your microphone hardware is malfunctioning which prevents your Microphone from working correctly. If this happens, you need to get it fixed from any official retailer or if your warranty is valid, then claim it.

Possible Solutions If your Microphone Isn’t Working:

If your Microphone isn’t working well, there is no need to worry about it. Here are possible solutions to your problem that help you make your mic work again correctly.

Control Panel Settings:

Mostly the mic is muted or disabled. You need to enable it in settings; for this, you need to open the control panel; you can open it from the program or write the control panel in the search bar, and it will appear.

Once your control panel is open, select the hardware and sound option, a new window will pop up; you can see the multiple tabs on the top of the window. Select and click on the sound option; it will lead you to another pop-up window. There are buttons on the upper top side of the pop-up window; select the recording option and then choose the microphone option from the list. Click on it and enable it if it has been disabled.

Window Restart:

Sometimes a simple trick can solve all the problems you are having with your computer. It happened because multiple processes and updates are running in the background, which prevents the other methods from working correctly. They need a restart to complete their functions or stop affecting other operations. Therefore a restart can reset all the processes and smooth your computer performance.

Disable other Devices:

If you are using external microphones, specifically Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones, you need to disable all the other devices connected with the laptop other than your headsets. Sometimes other connected devices interfere with the signals or your Bluetooth/wireless settings, which becomes problematic and stops your headset from working.

Windows Settings:

As discussed above, you need to check your windows settings by going into the sound option from the control panels sound and hardware section. By default, the Windows internal mic is selected as your primary mic, but if you are using an external mic, choose the right option and make it your primary source.

Hp Support Assistant:

All the hp laptops come with hp support assistant software. Its hp service software assists and guides users to solve their problems by giving them instructions. If you cannot find the problem after all the effort, run hp support assistance; it will rectify your situation and bring you a possible solution related to the Software or settings.

If the problem still exists by applying all the possible methods, you need to visit any hp retailer store to get your hardware checked and repaired if there is a problem.


The Hp laptop microphone can be turned on by following the steps mentioned earlier. Sometimes, a software glitch or system settings need to be fixed to work your smartphone correctly. If the problems are in the hardware, you should get it checked by hp official stores or certified professionals.

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