How to Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number

A laptop provides excellent performance, ease of use, and portability. The devices have become necessary for professional work and a student attending an online class with these distinctive features. Every user prefers to work on laptops rather than attending meetings on mobiles or other devices.

The greater ease and portability comes to the risk of security. Although laptops’ internal security is one of the best in class, laptops as a device are always at the risk of getting stolen. The easy way to avoid situations like these is using a wire lock. Many laptops come with a dedicated slot to attach a wire lock.

It’s not ideal in all scenarios, as people constantly move, and wire locks limit their moments. It voids the whole purpose of portability that is laptop core functionality. Therefore a more modern solution is required for this problem.

Software companies understand the need for a robust and modern solution. They see the opportunity and introduce many solutions to prevent these situations. Many legit methods are available and help recover your device if stolen. And, today we will discuss the ways to track a laptop if it gets stolen!

Make Your Laptop Security Your Top Priority:

Making your laptop secure is your top priority. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a student. If someone steals your computer, the amount of stress and hassle you will bear affects your time and energy. It will affect your productivity and performance as well. Therefore, to keep yourself away from something like this and prevent it from happening, you need to make your device safe and secure.

Different methods are helpful if your laptop gets stolen or at least provide some leads that you will then give to the concerned authorities to help you bring back your device.

  1. If you buy a new laptop or already have one, register it with the manufacturer.
  2. Third-party solutions are also worth considering; install a good tracking app or software.
  3. Windows introduces a built-in feature called finding my device and turning it on.

Let’s explain them further:

  • Laptop Manufacturer Registration:

It will benefit in many ways; laptops can be registered with their manufacturer by using their official site or making an account there. If your computer is registered, you can locate it; laptop companies monitor their machines for potential bugs and remove them for your device’s better performance.

Similarly, they are sending updates to improve the performance; they can provide the necessary information for locating laptops.

  • Installing Third Party Tracking Software:

Many third-party tracking software is available in the market. You can install any of these and provide the necessary information to register yourself. It will track your device and keep it under observation. You can also remotely access your device using additional features with this software.

  • Find my Device Feature:

A default built-in feature comes as a standard in both windows and Mac devices. This feature enables you to find the exact location of your device, gives you remote access, and helps in laptop tracking.

All these methods, as mentioned earlier, are viable for your laptop security. Once you enable them or use any of them, it will be easier for you to track your laptop in unfortunate circumstances. Now let’s discuss different methods by which one can track its computer.

Methods to Track Your Laptop:

you can track your stolen laptop using different techniques to help you get it back and save you from stress and inconvenience.

  1. You can track it by using your laptop serial number.
  2. By using tracking software (if installed).
  3. By using the default Find my device feature.
  4. By laptop’s mac or IP address
  • Track By Using Serial Number:

You can track your laptop by using the serial number of your computer. Suppose you don’t remember the serial number—no need to worry if you are registered your computer in the manufacturer database.

You need to log into your account and get the serial number from there and then ask your manufacturer to provide you the necessary information against your Laptop serial number.

  • Tracking by Using Third-Party Software:

Another helpful method that will help you track and find your stolen laptop is third-party software. If you have already installed a third-party tracking software, follow your laptop by logging into that software account and extracting the necessary information.

This tracking software is loaded with features and has mobile apps that you can use to monitor your laptop moment whenever it’s turned on. It’s also one of the effective ways of doing it.

  • Tracking by Using built-in Find my Device Feature:

This feature is available in both Mac and Windows-operated devices. You need to log in to an account associated with your laptop and log into that particular account. Once logged in, you can know the location of your device by clicking on the Find my device option and accessing all the necessary information.

  • Tracking by Using Mac or IP address of laptop:

Another method to track your device and know its location is using your laptop’s IP or Mac address. These two addresses are unique for every computer. But they are hard to remember. You don’t need to worry about it; you can know your IP address by a couple of methods.

  • By Using Dropbox:

Everyone is familiar with dropbox. It helps to store your data online, providing dedicated cloud storage. For knowing your IP address, log in to your Dropbox account, then go to settings and select the security option; it will give you all the previous session details; from there, you can recognize your device from its name and its IP address too.

  • By Using Facebook:

If you don’t have a dropbox account, then don’t worry. You can know your IP address by using your Facebook account too. Login to your Facebook account, go to settings, and open the security and login option. You will see all the previous login sessions and activities, bring your cursor on any of those activities, and provide information like IP address and Device name.

  • By using Gmail:

You can identify the IP address of your device by login into your Gmail account, too; you log in to your account go straight to your inbox. Open option details in the last account activity at the bottom right corner of your inbox; from there, you can know your device IP address and see the last login sessions details.

  • By using Outlook:

Outlook is the most authentic way to locate your device since it is associated directly with your laptop. Login to the outlook account, choose the view account option present just under your profile picture and select device after opening the view account. You see all the details enlisted with all IP or device information logged in.

Note: You must open these accounts on your laptop that got stolen to extract your IP address.


It s better to take good care of your laptop and prevent these circumstances. Still, if this unfortunate incident happens, your laptop is recoverable by using different tracking methods. From serial numbers to third-party software, IP address tracking, to default options, there are many ways you can track your device location.

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