What to Do With Old Laptops That Still Work In 2022?

A laptop has become an essential part of several people’s lives in the 21st century. They can do several things on them. As time passes, everyone wants to upgrade their laptops because new laptops are more powerful and more power-efficient.

Having an old laptop is not a good idea; you will have an old processor with a glossy new notebook at some point in your computing life. It depends on the age of your laptop and the volume and space you have.

Do you know what to do with the old laptop? If your answer is a big no, stay here for a while and complete your reading. Here we will discuss some incredible ways to let you know how an old laptop can be used!

So, do not wait and continue to read and learn more!

Check the position of an old laptop

First, you will check all about your laptop; if your computer screen has cracked or does not have a keyboard, or has low storage, you do not need to worry. You can sell it any time and apply for other alternatives.

In the other situation, if you have an old laptop in good condition, you can use some beautiful accessories. A few persons always get confused about how they do to their old laptops. Here are the options to think about:

  • By Installing The Operating System

Installing an operating system is one of the most common things you can install on your old laptop. An operating system is already installed in all laptops, so you can always start with reinstalling it.

Window 10 is a new window operating system; modern laptops will come with it installed. Microsoft offers an excellent job of creating a current operating system that comes with some fantastic features.

You can set up your entire Windows operating system from starch if you are using windows. Everyone knows that installing a window is an easy and time-consuming task. If your older laptop works appropriately, you can install “LINUX,” which is the most popular operating system of the time.

  • Attached is a Storage System

You can change your old laptop into a network attached to a storage system because it is a way to store data and share files with all PCs related to your home or business. These are very useful if your old laptop needs additional data storage.

If you want to set up this, you need to install the “NAS” application on your laptop. This application allows you to create an easily accessible place for your data. You can also download “fancyappliance.com” and make a bootable drive with a USB/DVD tool.

When you install these apps, you will find a server interface on the laptop’s screen. Here you can set your username and password to join with other devices.

  • Use as Media Center

You can use an old laptop as a media center, and you can store your videos and music streamed around your home. It is a lightweight task, so it suits your older hardware, and you can save sufficiently of your hard drive space free on your new laptop as well.

Software like Plex or Kodi is a good task for your old laptop; you can use the TV and music apps that Apple purchases with macOS to do the job. You can use your old laptop as a discarding for any form of a file that wants to be retrieved from other laptops.

When installing both Windows Plex and Kodi, they make it easy to arrange a home network, so your old laptop’s hard drive is observable to other computers.

  • Convert into Gaming Server

People can convert their old laptops into a gaming server if their old laptops are still working. They can play games with their dedicated gaming server with many others players.

If you want to play games and require a gaming server, you should connect your laptop to the internet and connect it to your gaming PC. But you will need to check if your old laptop can run programs such as ARK, STEAMCMD, and Counterstrike.

Keep in mind; if your laptop is too old and runs these programs, then most probably, it cannot convert into a gaming server.

  • Empowering Science

Distributed computing project is becoming more popular. You can research various topics like science and health by donating laptops to these projects. When you download some software on it, the performance of your computer is much better. You can connect your old laptop to the task server and use it to achieve different types of analytics.

  • Use as Digital Photo Frame

You can try an old laptop into a digital photo frame and remove extra parts to fit the computer to the electrical system and LCD into a shadow box. That is an advanced mission that might take some time.

After building a digital photo frame, you can save many programs to display a slideshow of your favorite photos.

You use software like Windows DVD maker and photo story 3, which was already released in 2010. These programs are elementary to use, and they allow you a help section. You should find these sections and use them.

  • Turn into an Ereader

You can buy an e-reader for your laptop and can use an exciting device instead. The Android and iOS apps can both be used to purchase and read ebooks faster than the software onboard the same readers. Both apps are very supportive, so you can jump between writing and audio setups if you need to.

  • Recycle it

Please do not throw your old laptop in the garbage, and it needs to be recycled. Old laptops have environmentally toxic materials so that they can run much correctly. You can visit Recyle-more.co.uk and find your nearest recycling bank to ditch your computer without destructive your morality.

Your local authority should be able to collect your laptop for a small fee, but if they do not take tech gear, try an alternative. A recycling program, “Best Buy,” takes unwanted tech gear plus laptops, as does Staples. If your area has few options, you can try another program such as “Dell’s,” which allows sending your computer for recycling.

  • Sell or Trade-in

You can trade-in or sell an old laptop to a buyback service and on a site like eBay or Offer Up and get possible cash. This process is frank, but you will need to deliberate the age and condition of your old laptop’s device to maximize your income.

If your old laptop is damaged, you can sell it to the same company that uses a mismatched device. It is an excellent way to make money.

Usually, many people donate their old laptops to local schools, libraries, local organizations, and friends according to their needs. You can donate your computer to a non-organization, and they will allocate the resources.

You should wipe all your data from the laptop when you donate your computer. You should remove files and clean the drive option because some criminals may use your personal information, including your bank account information, individual images, and other privacy, to do unlawful acts.


There are many reasons to use an old laptop in your daily work. Hopefully, you got many ideas about using your old laptop because looking for ways to reuse an old thing is always the best option.

So, you can use all the above ideas instead of throwing them away because these ideas inspire you to reuse more things around your home that could have more life in them.

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