Why Is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

A laptop is one prime accessory and need of the modern era. Whether you are working on it in the office or traveling or just lounging around and enjoying a movie on it, nothing is more frustrating and annoying than losing power when you most want it.

Every laptop manufacture advertises it with its longer battery time, but the dedicated graphics card tends to consume a lot of battery. It would help if you made some fundamental changes to enhance your MAC or windows laptop battery.

Some notable changes in the setting are here for your assistance to optimize your laptop battery performance.

Causes Which Lead Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

An average laptop should work at least 1.5 to 2 hours before it needs to charge. If it is not the thing with your laptop, there is a chance your battery is faulty or some default apps and programs using unnecessarily battery draining.

Some leading causes are listed here

  • Firstly the screen of your laptop is too bright. It will surely consume more battery.
  • Maximum performance settings in your laptop will also use a massive battery in performing tasks.
  • Connection of laptop with multi wireless or networking devices like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth always uses an extra battery. Don’t turn them on while you are not working on your laptop.
  • Check out the built-in optical drive. Either inside it no spinning disc, which can consume more battery power, and remove the flash drives if attached.
  • Detach the external devices attached to the laptop like mobile phones, mice, and external keyboards.
  • The laptop battery will surely drain out if you are using backlighting features installed on the keyboard.
  • Turn off the synchronizations setting such as email apps to save the battery power.
  • Suppose a lot of programs are running in the Background. Those will also be the cause of draining too much battery.

Would you please check all these common reasons before jumping to any conclusions and keep your battery from dying quickly?

Solutions to Prevent My Laptop Battery from Draining so Fast

If you are suffering from a fast drainage battery problem, the reason may not be the quality of the laptop but something you have been ignoring for a while. Taking these steps on your laptop takes a toll on its battery.

1. Adjust the Laptop Display Brightness Setting

If you go to the Settings > System > Battery > Battery Usage, you will see the first app display that often uses battery fastest. If it is high, turn it down unless you are sitting in an open environment.

We work from home or in a well-lit office; turning it down will not affect your visibility view and is a perfect solution to keep the battery for a long time. You can do it easily with the function keys on the laptop or go the Settings > System > Display.

2. Don’t Wait For The Battery To Drain/ Follow The 80:20 Rule

Most laptop users habit keeping the laptop charging cable connected while working or connecting it to the laptop when the battery is critically low. Always charge it before it goes under 20%, and never overcharge your laptop.

By following the 80/20 rule, you will never lose your data and save it to put a strain on your battery. Overcharging or undercharging is harmful to battery performance.

3. Unplug Unnecessary Accessories

Always unplug the additional accessories when your laptop is not in use. These things include

  • Webcam
  • Touchpad mouse
  • Speakers/Headphones
  • External hard drives

Similarly, if you use a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard or multiple USBs, you will suffer from the laptop battery’s fast drainage.

4. Turn Down Backlit Keyboard And Wi-Fi Connections

A fancy backlit on your keyboard drain battery which is not necessary for a well-lit room. So turning it off by pressing a function button on your keyboard may save some juice.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consume battery life even when not in use, so disable the Bluetooth setting. Now click on the Wi-Fi icon and disconnect the wireless connection. All these settings will surely boost your laptop’s battery efficiency.

5. Adjust the Power Plan Setting

The power plan is one of the key features which influence determining how quickly your battery drains. You should check it and modify the power plan best for your usage by right-clicking the battery option on the taskbar and choosing the power option.

You can also access it through the Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options. Choose the option Balanced, which means balancing performance and energy consumption.

6. Enabled Battery Saver App

A battery saver app is a program installed to control battery-draining similar to your android and IOS devices. This battery saver mode automatically gets activated once the battery percentage reaches below 20 percent.

To activate this mode, go to Settings > System > Battery. Remember one thing: once you start the battery saver mode, it allows the laptop to dim the brightness automatically, an email and calendar syncing.

7. Close The Background Applications/ Unused Intensive Programs Running

You will be surprised to know that unnecessary background apps and programs drain your battery extremely fast. When you open your laptop, multiple applications start operating in the Background, like Skype, What’s App, and Zoom, turn on as soon as you turn the screen on display.

It is effortless to manage which apps and programs you want to be running, and to close the apps, go to settings and find background apps under privacy. Don’t close executable tasks which take part in your laptop performance; only identify one by one the hidden power-hungry apps

8. Turn Off The Sync Settings

The sync app is a great feature to sync your email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, in the Windows built-in Mail app. It also sends notifications of receiving emails. If it is not necessary for you, close it soon as this app also needs battery consumption to fulfill its tasks.

9. Run the Power Troubleshooter

The best way when your problem is still not resolved after doing all the actions listed above is to run the “Windows Power Troubleshooter.”

You can run it by clicking Settings App in Windows 10 > Update & Security > Troubleshoot >click on Power > Run the Troubleshooter. The windows will automatically fix the laptop battery drain issue after a few seconds or minutes.

10.  Average Battery Life Of A Laptop

A lot of circumstances influence the battery life; the average battery life is between 2 to 4hours. If your laptop is too old and continuously causing a problem in quickly draining the battery, it is simple to change it and buy a new compatible one for you.


Hopefully, the above information will lead you to understand why your laptop’s battery drains quickly. The battery’s excellent life is directly proportional to your work performance on a laptop.

If you spend more time gaming or watching videos, your laptop battery will drain faster than when you only use MS office or any other office software.

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