How to We Connect CCTV Camera with Laptop without DVR

How to We Connect CCTV Camera with Laptop without DVR

There are several CCTV camera systems; you can use them on laptops without a DVR security system. A laptop has a screen that can display multiple live cameras. It can connect easily to a CCTV camera and a webcam.  CCTV camera stores data to local storage and cloud storage simultaneously.

When someone connects a CCTV camera with a laptop without a DVR, the IP camera can still work independently, just like the safety camera with an SD card. People can connect them to their mobile phones, computer, laptops, and TV without a DVR to stream live feed.

For detailed steps about setting up or connecting a CCTV camera with a laptop without DVR, continue reading and get to know all details.

What is a CCTV camera, and how it works?

A CCTV stands by Closed Circuit Television is a video system that consists of tactically placed video cameras around an area. It records footage and then transmits it to a display monitor for real-time viewing.

CCTV camera allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on in and around your surroundings. It is typically suitable for large areas outside a big store, restaurant, and ground because it is specially designed for monitoring an area.

What is DVR, and how it works?

A DVR stand-by Digital Video Recorder is an electronic device and system consisting of a set of closed-circuit cameras. It records videos digitally to a disk drive, SD memory card, and USB flash drive.

Your CCTV camera can still work independently without a DVR, just like the other security cameras with an SSD card. To simply put, a DVR is mainly designed to store the security camera footage.

Difference between CCTV and DVR

The camera used by a DVR system must be analog security cameras; these are well known as CCTV cameras. The analog cameras vapor an analog signal to the recorder in a DVR system, processing the footage. The benefit of this system is the decreased complexity required of the camera compared to an NVR system.

Can a CCTV camera work without a DVR?

The primary purpose of a DVR is to capture and store security camera videos. Like safety or security cameras with SD cards, IP cameras act as standalone monitoring devices without DVR.

A CCTV camera works without a DVR, and it can still view the footage live by using a network pc such as Blue Iris or IP Cam viewer. You can use a standard security camera without a DVR and connect it with your laptop.

However, it is not that straightforward, and you will need some additional components to achieve a complete video observation system. Your CCTV camera can work easily independently. You can connect it from your laptop, phone, computer, and TV to stream a live feed.

How do you connect a CCTV camera to a laptop without a DVR?

Generally, a CCTV camera comes with the feature of connecting it to a pc, so you should need to check whether your camera supports this task. A camera with well digital connectivity and features is always an excellent choice to buy for a house or business.

There are several CCTV cameras system, some being complicated and others installed responsibly quickly. You can connect a camera to a monitor through a network to watch CCTV on your laptop. Some organizations and homes use a cloud-based system to store video on remote servers and analyze and play it.

If your security camera supports P2P technology, connecting your laptop without a DVR for live viewing can be pretty straightforward. The following information will help you connect a CCTV camera with your laptop without a DVR.

  • Step 1

  1. Download an app on your phone and install it.
  2. Open the Reolink app.
  3. Connect your camera to Wi-Fi.
  4. Enter your password and log in to your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Clint can download “client software” provided by the seller, install it and open the software.
  • Step 2

Enter the CCTV camera UID and password to add the camera device. Everyone can quickly obtain the UID and password of their cameras from our website and user manual. The camera’s name will display under the device on the home screen. You can use settings to rename it.

  • Step 3

In the third step, you click the camera on the App/Client. You can connect it with your laptop in under 5 minutes and has advanced features such as motion discovery, email alerts, and 24/7 continuous recording.

You can connect multiple CCTVs cameras by using a router as a limiter, plugging the CCTVs to a PC, and then linking the router to the PC. It makes a secure connection between the cameras and the PCs so the data can be made possible.

  • Step 4

In this step, you connect the camera to a proper power source. Now the CCTV camera has two categories that are:

  1. USB powered: It can be charged using a USB cable and directly connected to the PC. to remove the need for consistent power.
  2. Actual power: CCTV camera needs an external source of power to operate. Usually, these cameras use coaxial cables, which affect external power.
  • Step 5

This step is to launch the camera’s software. This time your camera would already be configured to the local network, so you do not have to perform any extra tasks. After connecting the CCTV camera, you can move the camera and configure it in any desired location you want.

Connecting CCTV Camera to a PC through Cloud Storage

A CCTV camera has advanced so far into the future that the latest market trends recommend buying a camera. It uploads the data to a cloud service straight away instead of storing it on local storage.

The significant problem storage faces is that cloud-based storage is available only with a few clicks. Cloud-based storage does not need complex local networking. It uploads the data directly to the server to be accessed from a pc.

  • Cloud-Based Local Storage

The cloud-based system always has the edge over the methods which use local storage. It also has several supporting facts to prove this statement. One of the best advantages is more storage is available at a low price.

You can buy TBs of storage in a minimal amount, and that data is perfectly safe. You can face multiple hard drive letdown issues in local storage, but it is not the case with cloud storage since that is cloud-based.

  • Cloud-Based Surveillance Camera

CCTV cameras that upload footage remotely to small serves are becoming more popular. Many of them depend on your company’s wire internet connection. So you do not need to wire it directly to your laptop and do not have a ton of other special tools to store and check the footage.


It is straightforward to connect a CCTV camera with your laptop without a DVR. But you should know about the connection type of a camera. The connection type of camera also tells you whether your camera needs dedicated power or not.

DVR is essential, but the above article is best for you if you do not connect with your laptop. Because it contains complete guidance on how you connect a CCTV camera with your laptop without a DVR?

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