Does sim racing improve driving skills in real life?

Many people love the sim racing setup and love to do it because it is more like driving a car in real life. Manufacturers naturally designed the sim racing that when people start playing it, they also start loving it. As we have said, sim racing is very close to genuine car driving, but the question is how close it is to real-life driving.

One frequently asked a question about sim racing is, does sim racing improve driving? First of all, what is sim racing? It is a stimulated version of racing games in which you attempt like you are driving a car in real life with actual variables, including damage, tire wear, and suspension settings. In sim racing, you make a complete setup of vehicles with an LCD in front of you, showing the track.

Sim racing improves a person’s driving skills in real life when they take that software seriously and play for a long time. Sim racing helps you in enhancing your driving skills on racetracks. There are many examples in which some people who love to play sim racing come out as exceptional racetrack players in real life. One of them is the famous Norbert Michelisz.

Comparing real-life driving and stimulated driving requires some facts to be considered, and if you apply those in your sim racing, you will be able to get the same standards in real-life driving. That’s how sim racing improves the driving skills of its players. In addition, there are many sim racing software available on the internet that makes you feel like you are driving on a racetrack.

If you play on such a realistic sim racing set up with a fantastic sim racing rig, then there are high chances of improving your racecraft in real life. Mainly, sim racing can be used as entertainment or a tool for improving your skills on the race track. Of course, it’s up to the real-life drivers, but if you are looking into sim racing as a tool for improving driving skills, then you should consider some factors that can be helpful.

Both modes are for entertainment, and the other is for seeking some improvement in real-life driving skills. When you want to make a proper sim racing setup, you should keep in mind what you will use for what purpose. So, to improve your driving skills on the race track, you can use your sim racing set up in the following ways:

1. Start the process with a proper mindset:

The primary and best advantage of using sim racing is that it can be used to train drivers’ minds for driving in real life. Car racing demands the driver’s mental focus on the racetrack; that’s why use sim racing to train your mindset accordingly. If you play on a realistic sim racing setup, it becomes more demanding than in real life.

Handling the mental challenge is opposite to the physical challenge in real life. Car racing requires mental endurance and mental intensity to be controlled by the driver to become a pro player on the racetrack. If you play sim racing with consistency, the mental endurance comes in as it enables you to drive fast and end every lap without any mistake. Practice is everything, so play sim racing with consistency to develop an authorized and précised mindset in real-life driving.

2. Enhancing mental intensity:

If you want yourself to be qualified for playing car racing in real life, you have to practice mental intensity on sim racing. For this purpose, the professionals start with a shorter side on the initial side to keep up the run. So firstly, a two-lap run is enough to test your mental ability.

Furthermore, if you want to achieve mental intensity on sim racing, try to keep your focus on the following things. First of all, get up to speed quickly; end with a perfect lap without any mistakes. In the end, try to keep the basics of driving incorrectly while driving. Then, you can set your system for sessions of 8 to 15 minutes with low fuel in the car.

You can name those sessions as the qualifying sessions and try to complete a minimum of three reps of those sessions. Remember one thing every driver has its mindset and mental intensity created uniquely. Sim racing helps out all the players because it can easily permit you to use the biofeedback training system.

Once the sessions are over, experiment with yourself about various things, such as your best lap time overall, how fast your speed was and how close you are to the fastest lap of your gaming practice. Analyzing these factors will help you know about your zone of qualifying times.

Initially, you will make mistakes, and there will be a time when you will become tired, but this will improve your mental intensity and fastest laps with time and consistency.

3. Training of mental endurance:

Mental intensity training is given to the short-term drivers. On the other hand, for the long-term sessions, it is advised to the drivers to train their mental endurance by keeping their focus on cognitive consistency and reducing mental illness. In this session, the driver should focus on the following things:

Ø  Constant lap times

Ø  Reducing mental errors

Ø  Regular executing on driving basics

To make the setup, keep the fuel of your sim racing car to complete and set a timer for 30 minutes. In achieving mental endurance, your goal should be long-term sessions, not the fastest laps, to increase the timing accordingly. Once you have finished the session, analyze some things to train your mind.

Please look at how many mistakes you have made in one session; it is good to keep them as low as possible. Moreover, measure the gap between the slowest and fastest lap and minimize it with consistent training on sim racing.

4. Combining both mental states:

Once the driver of sim racing starts to make a strong foundation by showing consistency towards both mental states, professionals advise you to combine them to see the rate of improvement you have made. If you qualify by combining both mental states, you will be able to show an improved version of your driving in real life.

In this, you will focus on combining both the mental states, including mental endurance and intensity. Keep the fuel of your car packed and try to gain the speed, and make no mistakes for a long time. If you can do it, you will be able to handle the real-life car racing on the tracks with ease and comfort.


Sim racing is an effective way to enhance your driving skills in real life on the race track. If you properly work on it with consistency, you will see a huge difference in real life whenever you will drive.

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