How To Check Monitor Refresh Rate Windows 10?

Refresh rate is something that you may not consider on day-to-day basics. But, it can make a great difference one you think how important it is!

The refresh rate defines the frequency with which your computer screen refreshes. It is linked with the number of frames which appear on your screen. From the refresh rate, one can get to know the clarity of the image.

The refresh rate is a significant and crucial factor to consider for all gamers. So, if you are interested to know more about the refresh rate, you can continue to read. And, you will also learn the way to check and change the response rate of Windows 10!

Understanding The Refresh Rate

Remember that display is never static. Everything which is appearing on your screen is just made up of individual still frames known as photos. All of these still prepare to appear on the screen at a very high speed. 

The refresh of a computer is always measured in hertz (Hz), and it defines the number of times a frame can be changed. Or, you can also say that refresh rate is the frequency with which a display updates the onscreen images.

A higher refresher rate is preferred by most computer users, especially by gamers. The faster or higher refresher ate also linked with lower latency. The pixels are refreshed at a pretty higher rate. And in addition, the high refresh rate always offers you an evident and smoother vision. So, change the refresh rate to get clear

A Good Refresh Rate

The refresh rate you choose depends on the task which you are going to perform. For instance, if you will perform daily tasks, then 60Hz would be an excellent refresh rate. If you drop the refresh rate just below 60Hz, you will start facing issues. And for most intensive tasks like games, the recommended refresh rate I 144Hz, or you can also go for 240 Hz.

Well, depending on the monitor, graphics card, and resolution, you can choose when suitable for you. With a high refresh rate, you can get clear visibility and not strain the eyes.

For most of the time, 60 Hz is considered to be the best refresh rate. And the best thing is that 60 Hz is regarded as the optimum refresh rate for the human eye. Go and set your refresh rate at 60Hz and enjoy a smooth viewing experience. At 144 Hz to 240 Hz, you can get the current display rate.

But if you are interested in playing games with incredibly high picture quality, select the higher refresh rate. And, you can choose up the 120 Hz depending on the point till your computer supports the refresh rate.

How To Check The Refresh Rate Of Windows 10?

On 10 October 2020, an update was introduced. After which, the users can now change the refresh rate. So, at present, you all are free to select a refresh rate of your own choice. For this, you can go to the new Sting app and choose the correct refresh rate of your choosing.

And, you need to follow the under given steps:

  • Firstly, right-click on the Desktop
  • Then, a menu would pop up on your screen. Choose Display Settings from that menu
  • From the display setting, scroll down and click on Advanced display settings
  • Here, you will get the option of “locate the Refresh Rate.”
  • Click on the “Refresh Rate” from the drop-down menu and select the refresh rate which you want to select
  • Remember that here the windows will take to confirm that the select refresh rate is okay. And, if it looks good, you will click on the “Keep.” And, if you are not satisfied with the selected refresh rate, click on revert and wait till the countdown finishes. So, this way, the monitor will be automatically reverted to the previous settings
  • And once you have selected the required refresh rate, choose the “Close Settings.”

Moreover, you can also check this video for a better understanding:

Flashing Or Flickering Screen

The flashing or flickering screen is the most common issue, and it can happen most of the time when the computer automatically downloads the drivers that are not required. Many people relate to the refresh rate, but it is pretty different, and you can fix this issue as follows:

  • Update the drivers present on your computer. Click the arrow beside it to the display to check the current graphics. You need to restart the computer to install the driver which supports your monitor.
  • Please disable the general incompatible applications. Many applications which cause these issues are iCloud, IDT audio, and Norton antivirus.
  • Disable the error reporting services of your windows.
  • Check the refresh rate. Remember that you must have a higher refresh rate, and it might be. So, change it just the way described above!


Response rates are an essential factor and crucial factor. It can significantly affect the picture quality. So, this is why the gamers always choose the response rate to enjoy their gams at a better experience.

You can change the response rate and can get a better picture quality. Moreover, this way, you can also keep your eyes safe from strain.

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