How to Remove Computrace from your Laptop

Removing computrace from your computer is often a tricky question and procedure. There are divided opinions about whether it will benefit if we remove it or its presence in our system will protect us somehow. Experts advised people on their preferences of data and machine safety.

In today’s world, where all the devices we use are connected to the internet and continuously send and receive information, devices safety and security, whether its laptop or handheld devices, is essential. Let’s discuss all of the possible methods and procedures to remove computrace that are common and easy to implement.

Methods and Ways to Remove Computrace:

If you are a daily commuter or working in an office environment, you are vulnerable to getting robbed, or chances are always there that your laptop gets stolen.

Competence gives an extra security cover to your computer; it’s a piece of hardware fixed on your motherboard, works independently, and sends GPS signals to get its location if your laptop gets misplaced or stolen.

Although it seems that it’s an excellent option to have computrace turned on your system, in specific scenarios, it is also a weak link to the system’s security and data breaching. When you turn it off, then it will remain in this state, which means you only have one chance to keep it off or stay on.

There are multiple methods to turn it off permanently and remove it from your system. Companies and manufacturers who give importance to the safety and security of their devices installed them as default. Nowadays, almost all the advanced laptop models are equipped with computrace. But if you want to wipe it out, then there are certain things you keep in mind when uninstalling it:

  • Removing through Exe files:

If you want to uninstall computrace Lojack from your laptop, you have to care for small details. You may not altogether remove it from your system by just uninstalling it; there is a chance that some traces and part of it remains on your system. You can manually do it by removing all the files from your system 32 folders of windows. Find the uninstall file in the Lojack folder and run it.

The other way to do it is to remove it by using uninstall program and feature section in the control panel of windows. Select this particular program and uninstall it; for further confirmation, go to system 32 files in your windows folder of your primary storage, then look for Rpcnet.exe and remove it.

Sometimes, uninstall files may go missing or become corrupt and may not work correctly; in this case, you can reinstall the lo jack computrace program. It will then replace all the old files with new ones, and you can now initiate the deletion process again.

  • Removing it by using BIOS settings:

Everybody is familiar with BIOS and how it works; BIOS is the Input and Output of the system; it represents the main framework. You can change and see the information of all sorts. Here we explain how we remove computrace by using it.

  1. To enter into BIOS, you need to shut down your laptop and restart it. As soon as your laptop screen turns on and starts booting, please wait for the laptop manufacturer’s logo; when it appears, press F2.
  2. Key to enter into the BIOS menu. If pressing F2 doesn’t bring any change, then look at the top or bottom of your screen its mentions there what key to push To access the BIOS menu.
  3. Once you enter the BIOs menu, you will have multiple options presented at the top menu bar; use can. Use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate through different options. Special security section.
  4. Now look for any disabled option; default settings choose a mostly inactive option. There are usually three options with an inactive status, change it to disable, and your computrace will be disabled permanently.

Note: Once you disable it, it will not return to its previous state. Upon changing its status to disabled, hit the F10 key to save the settings and exist; you can also do it by using arrow keys. After saving and exist your system will reboot.

  • Removing it Using activities and features:

Use this feature to find the LoJack computrace, and then select it, and by right, you can choose the option to uninstall this program. You can access activities and features by simply pressing windows keys plus the X key.

Sometimes it may not get removed by simply using the uninstalling option; look for uninstall.exe/uninst000.exe in the Lojack computrace folder program files; this executable file will uninstall if you run it by clicking on it.

  • Removing it through System Restore:

System restore provides you a specific restore point for your system to change its state to that particular date and time. You can select a particular date that plan will give you, restoring your whole system to that specific state. Before performing a system restore, make sure to take a backup of your data and critical files. Otherwise, you may lose them.

Here are a few points for initiating system restore:

  • Back up your important data or files and close all the other apps.
  • Now take your mouse to my computer, right-click on it and open its properties.
  • A new window will pop up, look for windows protection on the right side of the pop-up window, click windows protection; it will open a new window.
  • There you find an option of system restore, click it, set the date and time of your preference, and hit enter.
  • It will take a few moments to process and start other systems restore functions.

IS Computrace Beneficial For A Computer User?

Big organizations and laptop companies give the option of computrace to your laptop, to provide it safety and security. In case if your computer gets stolen, you can trace it by using this feature.

Although it provides extra safety and security features to your machines, it is also vulnerable to other threats. It allows for direct access and path to any outside attacks and permits you to control and command your system files. Hijackers can access and retrieve your data and other essential files if your system gets compromised.

It only works with windows; other operating systems are reluctant and do not work fully with it; sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn’t.

Companies are now giving their customers lost and found services; you can register your device by enrolling in one of its programs; it will provide you with all the necessary information in case you lose your device.


You can’t tie and lock your portable devices. If you do that, the whole concept of portability will lose its charm. Therefore, computrace comes into play, providing your device location and acting as a GPS that helps recover it if it gets stolen or you get robbed.

It’s embedded in the motherboard and acts as a separate entity. You can disable through many options from BIOS to manually uninstallation, using a system restore point, reinstall the program, and then uninstall it completely. Just take care of a few facts, like keeping your important data and files backup before initializing the restore point.

It is also advisable to remove it entirely as it makes your device unprotected by giving direct control to anyone if it gets hacked. We explain all the methods briefly for your clarity.

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