What is screen tearing, and how do you fix it?

Screen tearing is a common term you might have heard before, but if you have experienced it, you will be familiar with the feeling of how annoying that problem is. This problem is considered a common problem that arises while using PCs for multi-purposes. But the most affected people by this are gamers and graphic designers.

So first of all, let’s move towards the definition of screen tearing and the major causes behind this problem. “Screen Tearing” is defined as a visual artifact that shows up during the moving display. Or you can say that it happens with the video which has the wrong frame information. That’s why it shows multiple frames with a single frame at once.

Now let’s talk about the causes of the screen tearing. There are many reasons behind screen tearing, and many of them will seem similar to you. It happens when your PC does not sync with the refresh rate of the display and graphic unit. Eventually, the display doesn’t get the proper information and displays the tearing images of video on the screen.

Don’t worry; the best thing is that you can resolve this problem very quickly. There are plenty of solutions available through which you can get rid of screen tearing from your PC. So if you are a gamer or animator who hates screen tearing, then we are here to help you by providing some solutions which you can follow and get a smooth screenplay.

Solutions for screen tearing

  • Start the system again

This solution is done by most people whenever they face any problem such as during computer freeze or hang. So the best thing you can hear about this solution is that it can also help you out with screen tearing problems.

Often, the gamers or graphic designers shut down the game or program they are using. But according to experts, it is far better to restart the computer rather than only shutting down of app or game. Restarting will help your video’s output sync with the PC, and it will prevent the screen from tearing.

  • Modify the refresh rate & resolution

The most common reason for screen tearing is the incorrect resolution or inappropriate refresh rate of the monitor on which you are playing or designing something. This solution will not remove the screen tearing altogether, but it can make it more bearable than before.

Everyone who uses a PC knows that refresh rate and resolution directly connect with the display and display’s output on the screen. So if you lower the resolution of a particular video or game, it will help the GPU of the system work effectively and smoothly.

Moreover, with this, the GPU will provide you the best performance during your gameplay. If you want to transform the refresh rate and screen resolution, you need to follow some steps that we will explain briefly.

Step No 1: First of all, press the start button on your PC and search for resolution. Then you should click on the option to replace the resolution of the display. 

Step no 2: then, you will see the display setting window has been opened. Then select the advance display settings option from it.

Step No 3: You will now click on the display adaptor properties option for display one on the next screen.

Step No 4: After the previous step, a new window will be open, and then you will click on the list of all modes button.

Step No 5: in the last step, you will see a list of modes of FPS and resolution that are rational for your PC. Now try to set the resolution according to the specifications of the device & graphic card.

  • Try to replace game FPS

This solution is valid for gamers because you can change the FPS settings of a particular game you are playing and experience the problem of screen tearing. FPS means the frames per second of the game display.

In games, the screen mainly tearing occurs because you are playing the game on higher FPS settings that are not compatible with your PC’s graphic card. Therefore, follow the simple steps to change the FPS settings of your game.

Step No 1: in your game, you will see a set menu for sure. In that menu, look for the graphic settings.

Step No 2: in that menu, you will find an option of changing frame rate or frame value.

Step No 3: After reaching this step, now you can adjust the frame rating at a lower level and then check out whether it solves your problem or not.

  • Rearrange the NVIDIA V-sync

In the NVIDIA graphic cards, V-sync is the leading solution to prevent and remove screen tearing issues. So V-sync helps you in automatic adjustment of refresh rate according to the system’s interference. You can either use this feature by enabling or disabling it or seeing how it will work.


Step no 1: on your PC, you have to right-click on the screen anywhere, and then you will see an NVIDIA control panel option; click it.

Step no 2: then, reach the option of 3D settings and click on manage 3D settings. After that, you will a tab named with global settings on the right side of the screen. Then click on the vertical sync.

Step no 3: at the end, you can disable it or enable it according to your PC’s case and preference.

Step no 4: then save the changes and exit the tab. I hope it will solve your problem.

  • Try to switch on another browser

If you are using any online content and still facing the screen tearing problem, it might be caused due to the browser you are using. For this purpose, try to use any other browser so that you can prevent the screen from tearing easily without following hectic technical steps to remove the problem.

  • Update the video card

This solution applies when you have tried all the above things, but they didn’t work out. At that time, you need to upgrade your graphic card to prevent screen tearing. Then, choose the video card which can easily support the videos or games you play on the monitor.

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